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Maintaining your radon reduction system

Similar to a furnace or chimney, radon reduction systems need occasional maintenance. If you have a fan powered system, you should look at your warning device on a regular basis.

To make sure the system is working correctly, Omega will service and maintain all installed systems.


The filter in an HRV requires periodic cleaning and should be changed twice a year. Ask your contractor where filters can be purchased. Also, the vent that brings fresh air in from the outside needs to be inspected for leaves and debris.

Let us help with maintenance

The ventilator should be checked annually by a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning professional to make sure the air flow remains properly balanced. HRVs used for radon control should run all the time.


If you have any questions about radon mitigation system maintenance, we will be happy to help.

Prevent radon build up

Omega will service your radon system


Your new heavy duty mitigation system installation is guaranteed for life. We are happy to provide on-going service and maintenance.

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