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Should you test for radon?

According to the EPA, everyone should test for Radon. Omega Radon Measurement and Mitigation offers state of the art equipment when performing our testing.

If the results of the radon test are 4.0 pCi/L or more, the EPA recommends that you should mitigate.


What does 4 pCi/L mean to you?


If you live in a home for 1 year that has exactly 4 pCi/L then your radiation exposure is the same as 200 chest x-rays per year.

Should you mitigate?

Don’t let radon intimidate your buyers or sellers. At Omega Radon, we encourage local realtors, buyers, and sellers to approach a radon reduction system just like any other component of a home. These systems are in place to keep the home and its inhabitants comfortable and safe. The same goes for a radon mitigation system.

A note to real estate agents:

Home buyers and owners should think of radon mitigation as a long-term investment in the health and safety of their homes and families.

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