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How do we deal with radon?

Omega Radon can keep you and your family healthy with reliable radon reduction services. All it takes is one call to get the process started.

 •  Onsite investigations (free of charge)

 •  Radon testing

 •  Radon mitigation

 •  Active soil depressurization systems

 •  Review of previous test results

 •  Proper sizing of a radon mitigation fan and duct diameter

 •  Formulation of amount of caulking and sealing

Radon mitigation services:

 •  Location of thermal bypasses

 •  Inspection for hollow block top leaks

 •  Check for wall floor joint leaks

 •  Inspection of plumbing penetrations and all floor drains

 •  Examination of all expansion joints in floors

 •  Check for footers or thickened slabs

 •  Inspection of sump pump for type

Get your FREE onsite investigation:

Blow the radon out of your home


We'll also examine crawl spaces for gravel and radon access. You can rest assured our crews will check everywhere!

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