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Who can help you test for radon?

Omega Radon is fully licensed and insured, carrying liability and workers' compensation insurance. We are trained to help detect and reduce radon in your home.

 •  Home owners

 •  Home buyers

 •  Home sellers

 •  Real estate buyers

 •  Landlords

 •  Property management companies

 •  Anyone that wants to reduce radon in their home

We offer our testing to:

 •  We are fast, experienced, and affordable, and can expedite your real estate transaction.

 •  We provide testing and other services on evenings, weekends, and holidays at no extra charge.

 •  Our mitigation systems work for all homes, from older stone foundations to newer homes.

 •  We can upgrade old systems, replacing faded radon fans and pipe vent lines with new piping.

Radon levels can be safely lowered

FREE on-site radon investigations


Radon is present in almost all homes, as it is a naturally-occurring gas caused by soil decay. Let us help protect your home!

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